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Postby Scrupulous » Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:00 am

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I-Spot is gracious enough to allow content from, or links to, potentially competing sites (competing in terms of misleading or unnecessarily redundant material regarding invention) to be posted in the Inventor Services area--provided that I-Spot is branded warmly at their site. Such content is also allowed conditionally here in the Inventor Classifieds forum, provided that it is not in the form of solicitations from sites that offer what I-Spot offers, or could undermine legitimate efforts here.

I-Spot has always frowned upon promoting related sites anywhere but in the Inventor Services, and conditionally in the Inventor Classifieds category of these forums. That got a little lax a while back, and we started seeing the likes of other invention sites infiltrating these forums everywhere. And, even though ample information is good, too much information can be bad. Regardless, users will neither use I-Spot as a whipping boy for their own gain. We have enjoyed a number of advantages at I-Spot, since it began, and specifically because of its format.

At this point, no wording that is geared to promote or defend a potentially competing invention-related site is to be posted anywhere in these forums but here in the Inventor Classifieds. Discussion in the Inventor Classifieds forum for sites which can be shown as not in competition with I-Spot (with good reasoning) will be allowed. But, be prepared to explain how particulars of the external site may work in conjuction with I-spot to advance the benefits for users here. Simply stating that redirecting users all over the web is beneficial, or something to that effect, would not be considered good reasoning. Users can do that themselves, if they desire.

And, if message-posters here must reference pages on other sites, incidentally, then they are encouraged to cut-and-paste the content into their own posted messages here (while citing sources properly, if necessary).

In any case, competing sites may need to work with the administration of I-Spot to arrange listings in the I-Spot Inventor Services.

Thanks for your cooperation and your participation here at I-Spot.


Postby Michelle » Sun Dec 06, 2009 8:37 pm

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I would qualify what Scrupulous to also say that any participants who actively participates on our site with relevant non-promotional information is welcome to add to their signature a reasonable link to their company/business so that interested members can find out more about them.

What I find most interesting here is that the community of inventors on our site has come up with this policy as it is different from the one the original founders and administrators of InventorSpot came up with to start.

I guess what the inventor community is saying here is an interesting evolution.

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