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Are there sharks in these waters?

Postby slammerhi » Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:46 am

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Hello everyone, The answer is YES! From start to finish i've found there are people who will promise you the moon and stars and deliver nothing. You must be careful. If you are a new inventor I'd advise you to seek out books that will advise you on the steps to take regarding patenting and marketing your invention. I spent $19,500 with a company out of San franciso called IP&R and all we have to show from it is a picture describing my product that took their so-called MBA"s 4 attempts to do the correct spelling on this brochure. So we licked our wounds and proceded on to eventually doing our own product design engineering, contacting a company that built simular products and getting prototypes made, and doing my own marketing. Who knows their invention better than anyone else. YOU DO. So I contacted companies on my own and explained my invention to them and sent my prototypes to them to test and review. And guess what! They liked it! We have signed a deal with the company that built our prototypes for a five year exclusive to manufacture our product for us. This company will also be funding all orders we bring them for our new product! They will also direct ship to our clients and bill them directly and when the order is received by our clients and funded, we receive our money within a week! This has been a long road with hazards along the way, you must be very carefull who to trust. There are ways to do all the work yourself and if you believe in your invention, and you can prove it solves the problem, you will eventually prevail. In my book "The fat lady never sings"