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invented new archery crossbow product accessory

Postby slammerhi » Thu Feb 25, 2010 1:01 pm

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Hello, my name is James Jones and I have been issued a utility patent for a new invention for archery crossbows. Have you ever wondered why with the Laser boresighting devices for sighting in scopes on firearms, no one thought of adapting the device to use to sight in scopes on crossbows as well. What made me start thinking about this was a call from my nephew asking me how I sighted in the scope on my crossbow? Having just a week before used a rifle laser boresighter to sight-in a rifle scope for his father, I guess the light bulb flashed! Laser boresighters are placed into the barrel of a rifle to project a laser beam through the barrel and to the target being aimed at. I thought isn't an arrow shaft much like a rifle barrel on the inside? The answer was yes. Can you put a laser inside the arrow shaft to project a laser beam through the arrow shaft and it project a laser beam to the target being aimed at? The answer is yes,If you modify the target tip so that the laser beam can pass through it to project on the target. We enlisted the help of Harshaw Research Group to research our idea and put together our patent application. They did a very good job for us. After the first office action we came back and won! I then contacted an engineering service to cad design our product. When this was completed, I researched companies that were in the laser boresighting device business, and found one that was well known for its products. I contacted them with my idea, sent the cad designs to them and they built my first prototypes. We tested and discovered that my new product worked exactlly like we thought it would, based on the same principles rifle laser boresighters work! I then started my own marketing to crossbow manufacturers to see if their was any that would be interested in testing and reviewing my product. I found three companies that were interested and sent them my prototypes for testing. A few days later we were contacted by 2 of the crossbow manufacturers inquiring about a 1 to 2 year exclusive on our product. We then went back to the company that built our prototypes and negociated a 5 year manufacturing agreement, and we signed the deal 2 weeks ago. Our manufacturer has also agreed to fund all orders, and direct ship to our clients. We will be launching our new crossbow product this year.