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Young Inventor... practical thinker!

Postby Coopers Enterprise » Tue Mar 09, 2010 9:12 am

Coopers Enterprise
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Joined: Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:24 pm
Hi.... I've had LOADS of ideas for inventions over the years.... Ideas for things that would make life easier... and more fun.
I was always good at modifying tools to create something that worked better for me. I'm an electrician by trade, and a very hands on person.

I'm constantly redesigning products in my head, which I think could improve the uses of the product, but I have my own ideas for new inventions also... things that have come to me at certain times in my life, but never imagined I could do anything with these ideas, career wise (as I'm a tiny fish in a humongous ocean)

A cpl of Ideas I've had (for years) have already been produced by others....I seen 1 of my inventions on Dragons Den.. ( i couldn't believe my eyes, it was exactly as I had imaged it... only over the years, I had made other adjustments in my mind, which they didn't think of :O) but it was a crazy feeling, knowing it could have been me my product)...

At work I'm known as a trouble shooter.... if there is a sticky situation that needs some working out... I'm usually the guy that sorts it!
I have a good clear view with my minds eye, which helps me with inventing!

I've always seen myself as an inventor... or problem solver... But I'm not sure if there is a real career in such a thing. I know that an invention can financially make me and my family comfortable. But I have so many ideas now... I don't know what to do????
I was about to look at 'DragonsDen Online' but also found this site... so I thought id join and see where it takes me.

I'm 30yo as of this week.... and need to move in a new direction.... I am fed up to the eyeballs with crawling through peoples lofts and cellars, pulling cables, covered in muck... and would like to move towards working on something my heart loves.... I'm not sure if there are company's who hire 'Inventors'... but any kind of interest... that points me in a new positive direction would be amazing...
So does anyone have any ideas on what I should be doing?... I have ideas, but no patients.

I'm good with helping people with designs, and practical thinking, so if anyone needs any advice on a product... I would love to help in any way! I have a good understanding of Good & Bad! and always try to keep things SIMPLE!
I have no clue what expect from a site like this... so I'm just testing the waters :O)
Thanks for reading! Coops!

Re: Young Inventor... practical thinker!

Postby Hayseed » Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:06 pm

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Hey Coop,

I feel that I am in the same boat, and I am sure lots of others are paddling through the same waters.

I-Spot is to be used as any other tool, you might use. The more you use it the more you will be able to accomplish.

Take a look around, there are many, many layers of information here. Reading through to find the exact place, that you think will be the place to answer your questions, you find information important to you that you had not even thought about. There is much to learn, you have the dreams and by what you wrote the ability, now you need the rest. So stick around,

Remember whae I said I was like you? Well in one way I am not, and that is I try not to get to many inventions or ideas lined up al at once, while it shows you have a talent for such things, I feel all those ideas in your head may become overwhelming, and may lead to frustration, something dangerous for an inventor to feel, unless he is just trying to impove on his ideas.