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Connecting inventors to the Market

Postby Patentsforsale » Mon Apr 12, 2010 3:40 pm

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Hi All,

Its been a great pleasure to subscribe to the forum with great enthusiatic talent. Let me introduce myself, I am David James who runs a website company connecting inventors and investors together. Whether you have a patent, trademark, copyrights or own any intellectual property rights and don't know how to take your invention further, then we provide that solution.

Inventors can list their inventions for free on patentsforsale.co.uk, which allows the inventor and investor to communicate together. Let me also emphasise that like some companies they will make a commision if they sold your intellectual property right. We do NOT operate on a commision basis and allow both the inventor and investor to register for FREE.

When a inventor has been contacted by a buyer and wishes to access their messages then the inventor will have to upgrade their membership and get full access to the inbuilt mailing system. So at the outset you don't pay a penny, but when you know you are recieving good feedback for your invention then you can upgrade for a nominal fee and subscribe to patentsforsale.co.uk.

So if you have a great idea, don't sit on it. There may be an investor round the corner looking for an invention like yours. You don't even have to sell it, you can license it and count the money coming in whilst your investor promotes your product.

Who know's you could be sitting on a gold mine?

Re: Connecting inventors to the Market

Postby Michelle » Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:08 pm

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Hi Dave:

I am so glad you accepted our invitation to join in on these forums. Glad to have you join us and we hope you will actively participate.

Just a friendly request that you be active on the site with other postings or else risk our moderators deleting this posts as spam. :)