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Think Tank for Inventors - Here's One Pet Project

Postby Michelle » Sun May 27, 2007 10:46 pm

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With reference to the Think Tank,
I think we are taking the opportunity to have something really unique and valuable and letting it die with personal distractions.

I would suggest the first project you should focus your energies and brain power on is how to make it easier, more fun and more profitable to be an inventor. How do you make it cool and smart to be an inventor or be inventive?

Or, if we were really talking about taking a real existing item and figuring out ways to make it better, I would submit InventorSpot.com as the focus of the think tank.

The challenge, from a PR and Marketing perspective, is to figure out for us a recommendation of things that could be done by an active group of inventors for InventorSpot.com to become well known to inventors and innovators without spending any money and with only volunteers to help power it.

How do we attract creative thinkers and innovators to this site?

How do we create awareness in the marketplace. How do we make it cool and sexy and fun to be an inventor and be labelled as such. There are sites and places that get sizzling hot.

What can we do to get there?

We open and invite you to critique, criticize and make positive suggestions (that are actionable without tons of money or manpower) for this site and for what we can do to really help real inventors and ourselves in the process.

We heard the recommendations for video and we are working on it.
What else?

How do we get consumer product marketers to pay attention to our site and to actually come to this site to find you inventors and start a dialgue with your directly, without the middlemen?
Come on people, what else?

I thought it may be interesting to have a podcast or video cast by various inventors here to sponsor an hour program with their invention as the "sponsor" for free in exchange for interesting and fun content that other innovators would want to watch.

You want to be featured on Jay Leno? Ok, then propose how you get inventors from our site featured on Jay Leno. What is the hook, the angle, how would you do it?

One inventor may have a hard time being hear, but what if you have a group. What if you package it as funny, entertaining and cool? Work with us?