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Oil Spills

Postby Jople » Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:41 pm

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Recently I had the Opportunity to make a submission to the EPA concerning the Oil Spill and a possible solution.
It is, for all intended purposes, would concern a technology R&D, . . the same one that I made twenty-one years ago, a net having small sizes net loops, (screening), and capable over sized booms.
I received enthusiasm and coverage from the local news paper.

I intended to send it to the EPA but at the time of the Valdez Spill the Government elected for oil-spill technology to go to the Marine
Spill Response Corporation, (MSRC), instead of going to the Office of Environmental Protection.

The concept was a net that was small enough in net loop size, (screening), that it would hold the partiality buoyant crude. The flotation booms were designed to be much over sized and would protect the contents from leaving the
seine during rough seas. It would have been deployed using it in such a way that in would open and engulf or surround large amounts of oil, then holding it in one place, acting as a pumping station.

The MSRC rejected the idea, and when I asked why, they told me that they did not have to answer that.

Since, my plans at the time included the seine design, . . it would have nicely fit the bill, for deploying it after the pipe break in the gulf.

Thank You Uncle Sam for the great opportunity to have a career as a design artist who worked in environmental technologies.


At this late date, if this system were to be used, all that can be done is to make shift a fishing seine, this could be done by over laying the net with a finer mesh

Re: Oil Spills

Postby JoeWaisman » Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:39 pm

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Very interesting. I wonder how the plumes are composed...perhaps non-polar collections of oil on the inside and hybrid oil mixed with water molecules on the outside, or uniform mixtures...hmmm.

If it's uniform, or somehow the non-polar oil molecules are on the outside then the net material and coating becomes important. Specifically it would work better if the net is made of something that attracts oil and is "hydrophobic".
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Re: Oil Spills

Postby Jople » Tue Jun 29, 2010 2:48 am

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The concept was created during the Valdez Spill, and the oil appeared quite thick, regarding its capacity to contain oil, this would be comparative to booms as are now being used, however, there is also the possibility that the upper levels, (inches or more), of the netting and or shape of it will or could be solid or very tightly knitted.Kevlar was a material considered, and its properties for attracting or adhering to oil, is not known.

In the case of this spill or, "emission", an early response and the capacity to maneuver and or position the mouth of the net in to the current and or movement of the oil, might enable the users to contain the spill near the emission area where it can be pumped off.