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Don't Pass This Up!

Postby elinedesign123 » Tue Jul 06, 2010 5:22 am

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If your an Inventor, and can't seem to get the final tweaks out of your design, I'm offering to provide you with the Absolute Lowest Price You Will Ever Pay to have your Invention Modeled in 3D with CAD Software. I promise you that you WILL NOT find a lower Price on Anywhere in the World, much less the World. I'm the Owner of eLine Design and I'm willing to negotiate any Price with you no matter how BIG or how Small the Project. My Goal is to provide the Absolute Lowest Prices Anywhere in the World, and that is why there are NO prices set in stone. Whatever your budget and Whatever you can pay I'll work with you. Visit my Website at http://www.elinedesign.com to get a better understanding of how Professional We Are.
We'll fit around your budget no matter how Big or Small because we want your business.
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Christopher Clay
Owner and CEO of eLine Design
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