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Self Service Targeted Online Advertising

Postby markaskey » Sun Aug 22, 2010 12:52 pm

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Self Service online advertising is here.

iPromote is a company who is providing targeted online display advertising to today's small businesses and entrepreneurs. iPromote is doing it in a way that puts you in control of your budget, the content of your ad, and when it runs online.

Do you have a product you are trying to sell online but need to get local, national or even global exposure for your product? Don't have the budget to commit to longterm contracts or $100's of dollars a day?

http://www.ipromote.com could be a solution for you.

Are you looking at testing your product ideas or pricing and need a way to control where that ad is displayed and how long it runs? Have a product you need to sell online so you can create quantifiable sales results to get it into brick and mortar or on the home shopping channels?

http://www.ipromote.com may be a tool that you can use in your marketing arsenal to help gain the exposure and traffic you need.


- You create the ads using images from your website so there are no additional hidden costs. Our ads rotate through three images so you get the attention grabbing movement that today's ads need to draw your prospective customers to your website.

- You control your daily budget so you limit the out-of-pocket expenses incurred that you have with other paid advertisers.

- No contracts! Stop and start when it makes sense for your product. You are only obligated to pay when your ad runs and you get results. No upfront payment!

- Launch an ad in as little as 24 hours so quick promotions or tests can be run. Online ads, already approved can be turned on and off at your convenience.

- Get placement on top websites like Yahoo, MSN, HGTV and other website that gets tens or hundreds of thousands of customers visiting daily. We work with all the major websites to negotiate placement and your ad will move between these websites until our smart technology finds the place it gets the best results.

If you are interested, please check out http://www.ipromote.com and instantly create and ad for your website. No obligation until you click "order now" and create and account.

If you would like me to support you as your Advertising Consultant and guide you through any of the process, please use my reseller ID 21265 and I will call you when your ad starts. We will touch base and watch your results together at no additional cost.

And if you have questions regarding our service, please don't hesitate to call or email me and I will be glad to help. I have some screen shots of the reports each advertiser will have access to and will be glad to email them to you. I can also set up a quick conference to walk you through the website.

Here is a link to an example ad that I created for one of the products in the invention gallery. It will show you what an advertisement will look like:


Ad was done in less than 5 minutes. :wink:

Thank you for reading!

Mark Askey
Reseller ID# 21265