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Re: The Patent Troll

Postby apapage » Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:04 pm

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No that is not right. A troll is a someone with a patent that does not practice the invention. So if you came up with a helicopter blade design and you did not have the means to produce the design, you would be a troll.

Re: The Patent Troll

Postby Gizmo » Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:59 am


Re: The Patent Troll

Postby davh12 » Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:07 am

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So how can that be bad if the inventor has a good idea and a patent for that idea? So he/she does not have the means to produce it in mass numbers. If they're willing to pass the design on to an industry for reasonable royalty fee or sell out right, then there should not be an issue. Should someone who comes up with an idea not try to patent it? What happened to the American dream? Is there an unwritten rule that says "only individuals who have the money can come up with good ideas? As I have said before, Every significant change in our Nation was brought about by someone who thought outside the norm. The ones who tinker in their basements and garages. Look at Bill Gates. Do you think the college that he attended gave him his software design? Samuel Langley & Wright Brothers...... Langley had the big goverment money that ended up in a river. The Wrights tinkered in their bicycle shop. Take for granted a serious thinker who is mechanically inclined & see what happens....money or not.
Invention can be an individual effort, but Innovation to perfect an idea that will benefit all should be a collective effort. If everyone works together.....all will benefit. If the big industry wants to screw over independents, then that will happen as well.........however that is why our econmy is trashed. Not soley focusing on inventors, but piss poor business etiquette, cutting the hours of workers, laying off workers, cutting benefits of workers, and lastly, out sourcing jobs to other countries so CEOs, Owners, and Presidents of companies can have a fatter quarterly statement and give themselves raises all culminate to result in our screwed up economy. Small inventors push creativity and continued innovation. They're not hell bent on profit because they're just doing what they love to do............problem solving. On week-ends in their garages, basements and man caves...and women being as smart as they are, I'm certain that there are some inventors who have a "woman cave" to build and create, etc......seen some women who weld better than men. We've gotten so twisted around the axile about just helping "self" that once we get there, we forget about our neighbor who is standing where we once stood.