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Re: Dripless Ice Cream Cone Concept

Postby vectorplex » Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:00 pm

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Hey, it's me Jason signing back in. Well, this is it. It all comes down to the final two weeks before my 6 month of representation expires on Feb 8, 2011.These past few weeks have been very gut wrenching for me, as I have been holding my breath, waiting to hear some good news from CGM Licensing, but so far, there has been no word from them and my patience is wearing thin. Back in mid July, CGM President Gary Ahlert gave me a call, expressing his interest in my product, but now, I don't think he is serious. I sent him an e-mail back in mid November and his reply was that there were still no offers and I haven't heard back from him since. On the e-mail reply, he also stated that they were preparing for the annual International Toy Fair in New York, where they introduce their new invention products. The only downfall is that it begins on Feb 13, five days after my representation expires. I do not know if Mr. Ahlert plans to extend my contract an extra week, long enough to have my product displayed at the convention, then drop me. I was thinking about dropping him another e-mail, but I will wait to see what he has to say next. I realize that there are no guarantees in this game of inventing, but I do not have any regrets for believing in my invention. If things works out, so much the better, if not, then it will be a lesson learned and I will move on.