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Does even popcorn seasoning/buttering effect whether you purchase movie theater popcorn?

Do not buy movie popcorn
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Not at all
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All of the time
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Better Popcorn Buttering and Seasoning (cheap to make $0.50)

Postby OLUGBENGA » Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:40 pm

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I have created a product that allows movie theater goers to evenly distribute popcorn seasonings throughout their bag of popcorn (so they are not left with bland kernels). I have gotten to the IP point of this process but would like some reassurance in the problem. Is the even popcorn seasoning a peeve or issue to you? And would you be more likely to buy a bag of popcorn if you knew it could be evenly seasoned? Please let me know.

A few things to consider:
-It involves minimum effort from the user
-The user has the choice of using the device (not standard for all purchased popcorn)
-Light paper based product/addition

Olugbenga "Tumi" Oredein Jr.
O-Zone Product Development

Re: Better Popcorn Buttering and Seasoning (cheap to make $0

Postby ATtheLake » Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:05 pm

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I'll take it upon my own judgement here! 3-4 multiple posts in a row that is what is crowding up the forum... if you didn't know, I will politely inform you that, we just don't have room for such.. and maybe if you possibly checked the the last few posts your crying to an empty crowd!...