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Treat your customers well and they'll reward you!

Postby jackbnimble56 » Sat Feb 04, 2012 7:17 pm

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Hello again everyone

I just wanted to share a tale of two customers from this past week. The first came in the form of a phone call from what sounded like an older woman named Helen. She wanted to order the product with a credit card. I told I wasn't set up for such transactions, but that I would gladly accept a personal check. She asked if she would have to wait until the check cleared before the product would ship. I told her absolutely not! I sent the product out on 1/31 and received a check postmarked the next day. She had obviously sent it at the time of the order!

The second customer was a woman named Adrienne. When I sent her an e-mail letting her know the product would be shipping soon she responded with a few questions about it. She wanted to be sure the heat coming from a CFL bulb would not be an issue. I assured her that the product could easily withstand the heat generated from CFL’s and incandescents as high as 150 watts. She responded as follows:

“Thanks for the additional information. I feel much better about it now, and I am eagerly anticipating receipt of my order. I plan to send one kit on to my sister, who is always on the lookout for innovations to use around the house.”

Then after spending a few days up in ski country I arrived home to find this (completely unsolicited) message:

“Just wanted to share what I posted on my Facebook page to share your product with my friends:

Just have to share this new thingie I discovered. It's called Magic Toob, and it's a silicone sheath made to slide over the clips on a clip-on lampshade to make the clips grab on to a CFL bulb. Fairly easy to apply, safe for the low temps of the CFL’s, and cheap like hell. Each kit contains tubes for five shades; the cost is $4.95 plus a low postage charge. Ordered them on Monday, got them today. http://www.magictoob.com/"

It pays to treat your customers well!

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