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Postby ATtheLake » Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:14 pm

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Very Cool website geared towards inventors attempting to get their finished products/ideas to market.

I found this website the other day with the help of Jack's link..

I spent several hours watching many of the literally hundreds of videos on this site...

The general feeling I came away with was 90% of what some of these hopeful inventors were trying to sell, was a solution to a limited problem with no major market..

The guy with the mailbox light really kind of made me laugh!


He proposed a solution for a mailbox light so someone wouldn't be surprised with anything suprising you in the mailbox.. So he with crappy editing and bad footage basically placed half a dozen "fake" bugs in his mailbox and placed a flashlight with a fridge type switch in his mail box that he could turn "on and off" as he opened the lid to "check for surprises" After reading this board and a lot of other information got say this type of work is JUNK and insulting to think there is a reasonable chance of getting a licensing contract.

That is just one of many, many homemade examples of what can be seen.

There is however some very practical and realistic videos on this site and never the less should be checked out. :D