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INFO on branding / web presence

Postby ATtheLake » Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:39 am

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I short and good article about online presence, which in the last few years has become an important extension of most businesses.

Another Informative presentation. Similar to a Sales Sheet :D


I believe this type of information is valuable to inventors because if you have a new product that you are introducing, the WWW is an awesome way to get a lot of attention without a sky high marketing budget, I know personally for the last several years I almost always seek most of my information with the help of Google or other resources on the web, I think its becoming more of a trend amongst everyone.

Many Generic and good category killer domain (website) names have been long gone for several years. As Roger Brown pointed out in his "Licenseing course" it is also wise to grab the ".com" or online name of your service or product. Online domains are not reserved, providing one doesn't infringe upon a registered Trademark or a few other distasteful variables, anyone can register an online domain name for whatever they want.