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"Invention USA"

Postby inventor-x » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:53 am

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Hi All

Oops, I missed this (1) & no one else posted it either

I was watching the History Channel & saw a commercial for a new show called - Invention USA

I kind of recall the History Channel was considering the Idea for a new Inventor show but I never heard another word about it

Here is what I could find

Makers and Making: History Channel show looking for great inventions

Jerry. Isdale - May 7th 2011

There is a new History Channel show in the works "Invention USA" with Garret Lisi (theoretical physicist/surfer) and Reichart von Wolfshield. The format is supposed to be unscripted interviews with 'amateur' inventors showing off their projects

They are looking for inventors to interview. Filming starts this month...

http://inventornotes.com/2011/05/05/his ... invention/

Should be fun to watch

Presenting its programming lineup Tuesday at the upfronts, History Channel made the announcement that it is greenlighting three new unscripted shows, Deadline.com reported. The new unscripted shows are "Invention USA," in which Riechart Von Wolfshield and Garrett Lisi search the country for inventors and the technologies that will transform people’s lives.

I asked and got permission from garrett to post, see below:

Hi Rhody,

Thanks for asking. I got asked to host this fun new show on inventors, and agreed to take it on as a side project. We're currently looking for inventors with cool prototypes to show off, with casting ending this friday, May 6, and about six weeks of shooting (for twelve episodes) beginning at the end of the month.

Show Overview

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Show Summary
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Tech and science experts, Riechart Von Wolfshield and Garrett Lisi travel across America to find the next great inventors.
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As of November 30, 2011

The first episode should be December the 9th

Episodes in the next 2 weeks
Friday, 10:00PM:
Great Balls of Fire TVPG
Friday, 10:30PM:
Think Outside the Box TVPG
Saturday, 2:01AM:
Great Balls of Fire TVPG
Saturday, 2:31AM:
Think Outside the Box TVPG
Sunday, 1:00PM:
Think Outside the Box TVPG
Sunday, 1:30PM:
Great Balls of Fire TVPG

I guess I just started a forum for them :?:

It would have been nice if the History Channel & the Promoters did a better job of Advertising & Marketing or someone posting some Info about auditioning for the show!!!

Sorry I could not find out what the goal/object of the show is or what the Inventor gets out of the show regarding any assistance of any nature if anything at all or do the Inventors just get the free airtime giving the Inventor a two (2) minute sells pitch & on too the next Inventor on National Television with a website & Inventory :?:

No Info on any of that Info

Oh my Bad, Did I just come up with an Idea for a New Inventor show :?: 8)

That would be way too simple for Television Entertainment but not very profitable for the network or producer & the other sale your product guys on Television :?: 8)

I hope someone has heard more or has more info to add :?:
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Re: Invention USA

Postby inventor-x » Wed Apr 04, 2012 3:49 pm

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History Channel Invention USA is looking for the next great idea – Get On TV

April 4, 2012


History Channel’s Invention USA is searching the country for inventors who want to take their invention to the next level. If selected, you could be featured on Invention USA. But in order to be considered, you must have a working prototype. The prototype can be homemade or manufactured. To apply, please click here.
You will be redirected to the website of T Group Productions, the producers of Invention USA. Only those under consideration will be contacted by the production company.
Thank you for submitting your invention for INVENTION USA. Please complete the form below. Your initial submission will be reviewed for casting purposes. If your invention is selected to move on to the next level of casting, we will contact you. Please note that submitting an application does not ensure that your invention will appear on INVENTION USA, nor does it ensure a response from us, as we are receiving MANY applications and only a select few will be selected. Or email the below info to inventionusa@yahoo.com. We are currently experiencing some issues with the document upload portion of this form, so if you get an error message, please submit the form without any documents and send the documents to the above email, separately (with your name in the subject line).

Submission deadline is April 27th 2012

Re: Invention USA

Postby AlanAmron » Sat Aug 18, 2012 11:28 am

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The $9.99 is for a private submission - no one else can see it (that's the purpose of the automatic signed NDA) the submission includes a worldwide patent search, report and documentation of your idea. Unless you submit your idea specifically for our review, we never see it. If you submit your idea for our review, then (and only then) do we evaluate it, and if it meets our extremely high criteria test (reviewed by our evaluation board of highly qualified (in new products development) Engineers, MBA Business people and successful Marketing people, we would then offer the inventor (i) a partnership in their idea of 50% x 50% in exchange for us supplying all the funding, management, protection, prototyping and marketing for the entire process to revenue and (ii) a percentage of stock in our our TDI company for them to share in all other inventors success as well. It's a win win situation for the inventor."

ideaApp is on the Apple iTunes app store free - check it out. If anyone has any questions about our inventions and or writings processes I would personally like to hear from you at alan@ideaApp.com
Thank you.

Re: "Invention USA"

Postby inventor-x » Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:36 pm

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Hi All

No word at this time if Invention USA is planning another season?

Re: "Invention USA"

Postby inventor-x » Fri Apr 19, 2013 10:39 am

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Hi All

I was digging around on the Internet trying to find out more Information about Invention USA

Apparently InventorSpot writer Myra-Per-Lee posted Information on the home page of InventorSpot about Invention USA casting calls back in November 2012

Calling All Inventors! Casting Call For Season 3, INVENTION USA!

Last night was the premiere of Season 2 of The History Channel's inventor show, Invention USA. No sooner did the season begin, that casting calls for Season 3 of the hit series get on the road too. So now inventors have another chance to strut their stuff before the casting directors and the show's hosts, Reichart Von Wolfsheild and Scotty Ziegler.

The application is simple. Initially, the show just asks for your personal contact data and a general description of your invention - how it works and what it does - a photo, and a video, if you have one. Additionally it asks for the status of any patent or application you have in process.

The major challenge, as far as the application goes, is that you must have a working prototype. It can be a homemade or manufactured part.
Then, and this is my very strong recommendation: you should at least have a provisional patent on the invention. But if you have a patent or have applied for a full patent, that's even better.

If the casting directors like your submissions, they'll set you up for a personal interview with the Invention USA hosts to meet with you and your invention... and the rest (to be seen on the show) may be their investment in the success of your product.

To apply, visit the Casting Call at TGroup Productions.com
Myra Per-Lee
Featured Writer

I contacted T Group & they said Invention USA is on hold at this time

I wonder if this is the reason why Invention USA is on hold :?:

INPEX® 2013 Keynote Speakers:
Reichart Von Wolfsheild & Scotty Ziegler

Hosts, History Channel's Invention USA

Keynote Address – Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Don't miss this keynote presentation by Reichart Von Wolfsheild & Scotty
Ziegler on Wednesday, June 19 at 10:00 am.

Staying Focused on Success
Scotty and Reichart have created hundreds of products for big name companies. For every single success you see, there were at least a dozen that died on the vine. In today's economy, investors and companies alike are not willing to take chances on unproven ideas. What can you do to increase interest in your product? What fails, what wastes your time? What works, and what is the formula of the winners?

Reichart Von Wolfsheild
Reichart Von Wolfsheild is a technologist, inventor, artist and futurist. Starting in his teens, he designed and built a computer CPU from scratch. In the early 1980s, while helping pioneer music videos for the then-fledgling network, MTV, he started his first successful technology company developing Artificial Intelligence applications. Blending his talents from several fields he made history conceiving one of the first multi-player modem video games, kicking off a franchise. He has designed everything from toys to weapons and developed more than 120 products for companies such as Boeing, Disney, Dreamworks and Mattel, and is always looking for the next fun challenge.

Scotty Ziegler
Scotty Ziegler is a master designer and inventor, dedicated to the building of all things cool. Designing cutting edge toys for such prestigious international companies as Hasbro, Fisher Price, and Mattel, Scotty can build just about anything, whether it needs to be forged in steel, sculpted out of clay, or built using the newest 3D computer technology. Scotty holds many patents and his inventions and designs have been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, and national television programs. When it comes to creation, Scotty doesn’t know how to think inside of the box.
From strollers, to cars, to fine art and beyond, Scotty Ziegler knows no bounds. He can achieve the impossible, and build the unknown. Fans relish in his creative world because it constantly challenges artistic boundaries. He is revolutionary. He is challenging. He is Lord Bongo.

Will Invention USA compete with Shark Tank in the future :?: