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Missed Opportunities

Postby inventor-x » Fri Apr 19, 2013 11:32 am

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Hi All

I have been wanting to start this thread for a long time

Missed Opportunities

InventorSpot.com could have been the best website for Inventors if ONLY someone was driving this website in the right direction for Inventors regarding Reality TV, Internet Inspirations & Inventor web-store etc...

InventorSpot could have been the FIRST Inventor website that had Critics about Inventor Reality TV shows & other Inventor related websites & contest like Edison Nation

What do Inventors think about these Inventor Reality TV shows & Internet contest Pro’s & Con’s :?:

Do you think the Inventors got a good or raw deals :?:
Do you think the Invention/product is a good or a bad one (1) & will it make money :?:

Would you have spent your time & money on an Invention/product or not?
General feedback

Is there such a thing as an Inventor-Critic :?:

If there was an Inventor Critic, InventorSpot would have been the place to be an Inventor-Critic