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Did they steal my idea?

Postby artbum » Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:04 pm

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Hello forum. Last year, I sent my sell sheet to a company that produces similar products. The man I contacted is listed as inventor on a lot of their products, I believe he is vice president or ceo or something.

He was friendly and receptive although he replied that he did not sign NDA's, so I sent him my sell sheet anyway. He never got back to me. I waited a couple of weeks before trying again, then a month and nothing.

Now I see the product on TV! I have email as "proof" of our communication of August last year. I checked on Google patents and they do not have this product under his or the company name. The packaging reads "patent pending".

Should I get a patent lawyer for this? Any patent lawyers on here that can tell me if i have a case?