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"Sorry, no need for cure for cancer....we need CHARISMA

Postby rwarner2007 » Fri Jun 22, 2007 6:29 pm

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Ok, yeah, will start right off by admitting I blew a lot of money putting together a trip to Houston audition only to not make it past the assistant producer to get to the actual judges. You know, the hours standing in line. Planning the return trip for extra days out on the assumption (assumption you _have_ to make, right? Don't want to make it and then have to spend huge extra $$ on new air tickets) that you would be held over.

Bitter, I'M NOT B I T T E R!?! Hehe, actually not. My point is more that me thinks the producers might have let some big fish slip through their nets. You tell me?

Actually, they didn't even want me to take my invention out of its case for them to see it, let alone see what it does. They did say it sounded like a great invention, "BUT NOT RIGHT FOR THE SHOW". ?!? No friggen idea what that means.

And yeah, was disgruntled to see new toilet seats and what-not that _did_ make it to the judges.

Here's a blurb w/YouTube video link, about my technology for those interested in checking it out. My technology is better than my vid production skills, be patient past the few seconds of blank black screen...


Hi All -

Have a multiple-patent-protected technology you folks may be interested
in for a story. It relates to "Technology", "Science", "Entertainment",
and "Health & Fitness" areas.
Posted a brief video on youtube that demonstrates creating a mechanical
control out of empty air! Thinking your audience would be wowed by
this...creating functional mechanical controls out of nothing or "ex
nihilo". Also, hi-tech entrepreneurial efforts in the area. There is a
ton more info available on it...has sooo many
applications...but keeping things short and sweet by way of
Such Virtual Controls in the demonstration and also the more intriguing
Virtual Ghosts are possible. The example is of creating a musical key
from a "virtual keyboard" which hangs in empty space. Check it out.
The video gives an overview and it may help to get the vision of what
the technology promises. There are a few seconds of "black screen"
after a scrolling slide of potential applications...be patient, the
main part of the video follows.
Adaptive equipment for the disabled, collecting work and power metrics
while you exercise (no clipboard, no manuallly entering data in a
computer to graph it), and COMPUTER GAMING are some of the best
applications (but not all). Will revolutionize computer gaming (The
Virtual Controls and Virtual Ghosts stomp the Wii).



Richard Warner, Manager

Postby bottleslingguy » Tue Jul 10, 2007 1:55 pm

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Once it's able to track a larger volume of space, I can see it used for home security, child care (keeping tabs on jr.) or just all around smart homes. I also think it has huge potential in the adaptives field. That might be where you would find your initial investors. I'll give some thought to applications, do you have any in mind at this point?

Postby mojo62 » Tue Jul 10, 2007 5:14 pm

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I watched your demo on youtube. Amazing!!! I am sure you will do very well with this technology. How long did you work on it and what is your electronic background to come up with that technology? It is obvious that "the show" is not interested in ligitimate inventions. And I thought mine should have been advanced. I am interested to see how it works. Can you share your patent #?

Very interesting

Postby Work2XL » Wed Jul 11, 2007 2:35 pm

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I really like you project. Once I understood what it was your project does, I thought I knew how you did it. I was wrong. I assumed you used a grid system with a light curtain or something along that line with X,Y and Z coordinates. Your design would offer much more flexibilty.

Great job.

Three questions. 1) what are the general dimesions of the controls in space. By that I mean how big of an area in space do I have to put my hand into to be able to get the desired result. 2) What is the smallest area I can use for a key on the keyboard? 3) Does it have to be open air or can it be an object in the room? Can I assign a normally closed signal to the toilet paper roll in my bathroom, and if it is empty your device open a set of contacts that send a 110V electrical current to the bathroom door knob to remind the person to put on a new roll? Yes I know I could use a prox or limit switch for this, but yours seem to less envasive of the area.


I'm kidding of course to all of you who aren't laughing.

Postby bottleslingguy » Wed Jul 11, 2007 7:20 pm

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Have you seen MakeWorld's UStar concept? It's basically a series of cameras which follow your every move throughout a themepark, ski trip, vacation etc. and produces an original video of your adventure without you having to carry a camera around.

Maybe you guys can fuse your ideas somehow?