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"Beware of your distributors"

Postby duit2k2 » Sun Aug 12, 2007 12:55 pm

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This is my first time I have ever commented on any site. I had a deal with an agent in the UK who was going to market our product and buy wholesale from us. We gave him everything he needed to get started. He claimed he wasn't able to sell merchandise on his site, (which was ours, but he added .co.uk) We have just found out that he has been using our well published name and making his own product for the last four years. I guess the lesson learned here is make sure you get everything in writing. Follow up on site periodically. We have other similar agreements but they have not had any problems.. We are doing exceptionally well with our second product, but have advanced at a more cautious rate. I am happy I have finally joined a blog. Not sure how to use all the buttons above, but like anyhting else, it will just take time. If anyone knows what legal action I can take, please let me know. Thanks

Postby Road Show » Sun Aug 12, 2007 2:20 pm

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Road Show
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Welcome to the InvetorSpot community. WOW!! I am seething just reading about this. Were I in your shoes, I would definitely consult a good barrister in the UK. I would be reluctant to get into infringement litigation, and would focus, instead, on criminal fraud charges because of the fraudulent use of your internet site, trademarks, tradedress, as well as infringement. It might be easier and less costly to obtain restitution from this *arse* with the looming specter of a criminal conviction. :wink: