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Inventing is a Process

Postby tony.fulford » Sat Jan 26, 2008 1:35 pm

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Yes, some people are more creative that others and some have a natural born ability to see things in different ways than the general population, and without a doubt that gives them and edge. They are not the only ones that can be successful at inventing. One must find ways to place themselves in the proper environment for creating ideas. Children are amazing, they do not have the inhibitions that we adults have and they can come up with ideas almost at will. Please encourage them, as they are the future of our society.

OK, so what is this process? I have a number of topics here, but I suggest you look at them in this order:
  1. How to Generate Ideas for Inventions
  2. Produce or License your Patent?
  3. How to find manufacturers for your ideas and inventions
  4. Prototyping Your Invention
  5. How To Finance Your Invention
I encourage your questions or comments anywhere at Ask the Inventor!