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Invention resource international!!!

Postby jonathan3131 » Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:23 pm

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okay so I have an idea and I recently went to invention resource international. But before I move forward with this and decide whether to use them or go the route of individually hiring a patent agent, marketer and licensing agent I wanted to do some research on the company. There is not many results in this company especially related to people who have actually used this, I was wondering if anyone has heard of them and what they heard good or bad. And also which route is better the company that can help with everything or the individually hiring people along the way.

Re: Invention resource international!!!

Postby CriterionD » Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:56 am

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Don't know much at all about them and they may be very legit.

That said, statistically, inventor-oriented firms offering a "free inventors kit" and claiming to be huge despite the fact that they don't have much of a reputation - usually you do not want to deal with them.

As far as the "right way" to do things is concerned, there is no right way for all inventors and situations. You have certain strengths/weaknesses, and your budget certainly affects what does and doesn't make sense as well. All you can really do is educate yourself and make decisions.


Re: Invention resource international!!!

Postby PennyB » Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:48 pm

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Hello J3131,

Interesting you should ask. I believe I have sufficient info to nicely wrap and box them at least for my personal satisfaction based on fourteen years of researching invention submission companies. :wink:

Let me begin stating that I received an email 7/6/09 via a patent attorney who anonymously received it (I tried the Whistleblower's email address and it bounced back) so I honestly don't know who the writer was. Anything below you should validate for yourself and not take my word for it. :|
1. 7/6/09 from an anonymous Whistleblower (nothing changed in the prose/ his-her quote follows):

"Hey, I worked for Invention Resources International for a short couple of months until I realized that Invention Resource International is a scam company.

Every Phase 1 report that I submitted came back identical to the next with the basic information changed.

Not only are they as scam company, but Invention Resource International is Advent Product Development... Advent just changed their name. And because the offices were all corporate suites, they just got new corporate suites in different locations. I'm sure you can do some digging to verify this...But that would make a great topic on your BLANK [info withheld by me to hide the attorney's ID]...To get you started...

Google this: invention resource international san diego
Now Google:
invention resource international denice thurlow (you'll see a linkedin profile that has been deleted...
Now Google: Advent Denise Thurlow Waters (you'll also notice in the lawsuit that Alphonso Eiland is named...He goes by Abe Eiland now and works out of the San Diego office of Invention Resource International)

Good luck... "
* Note Advent Product Development's alleged stats according to a Google search:
http://inventblog.com/2007/05/advent-pr ... ate-0.html

Advent formerly called NISI. It was caught in an FTC sting and moved on. As I recall all its assets were bought out by Philip Farinacci or something like that. Its financing/licensing arm is allegedly referred to as Triad Resources, Inc.

http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/2 ... 286618.htm

* Note the Whistle blower's misspelling of denice and Denise.....not sure which he thinks is correct but if you follow his directions you'll find it for yourself. He is definitely correct re office suites. Numerous invention companies use the same highrise located around the country called Regus International (rent by the day, week, or use their mail forwarding, phone answering etc services and even post the flashy highrise glass tower on one's site promoting it as the office location). In one case in Oregon last year, I had an inventor living an hour away call their supposed office saying she'd would be in the area and planned to pop in upon which she was told they are out most of the day handling this and that so not to do that as they do most of their business (make that all) via the Internet and Paypal. Onto ....the rest of the story.

6/26/09 Another Whistleblower claims she was asked to pay $895 and another $8,000-$10,000 three months after that.

2/21/09 www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/426/RipOff0426884.htm

Their corporate registration shows the offices of Regus International at 60 E. Rio Salado Pkwy, #900, Tempe, AZ. In two registration boxes it lists IRI JLJ LLC and in the other box IRI Tailwind LLC.
--JLJ appears to be Jerry L. Jerman Sr.
--The registration name was omitted for the other partner in the IRI Tailwind LLC box.

The domain IRI is registered to one D. Roberts.
Interestingly Scientist and Astronaut Ellen Ochoa recommends them.
Their BBB rating is A+ (what's new!). It names Alan Henrick as Director of Corporate Compliance.

Other sites they own include SellIdea; Invention Publicity; Idea4Invention (on it they push Davison, InventSAI and NewProduct Help (Yikes!)); Virtual-Prototype;FamousBlackInventors; Dannisblog;FamousHispanic Inventors........

Interestingly to me NewProductHelp (see above) also uses a Regis International suite but in Florida along with its "sister" company Patent Assistance Worldwide also in Florida and also using a Regus International suite as its address.

As with other invention websites IRI promotes inventions created by famous people as though they had something to do with them (Microwave, Duct Tape, Velcro, Kitty Litter) in my personal opinion (positioning I guess).

Even more interesting and yet to be fully explored is a link between IRI and VentureDirect which is owned by Platform Holdings both corporate giants. This seeming "spiders web" somewhat reminds me of Absolutely New formerly part of IP&R (see inventored.org link above) which employed Richard Donat as its CEO. At IP&R he was allegedly the protégé of sales/marketing guru AJ Gupta who got out opening up across the street in San Francisco (he's since moved) a competitive invention company to IP&R. IP&R was bought out/taken over by a VC......the claim now being they have changed their spots. Some of the same team it would appear at least to me personally work for Absolutely New as were employed by IP&R.

I don't watch soaps but the soap called "As the World Turns" sort of reminds me of how many invention companies open, shut down, reopen under a new identity for a couple of years then go through the same metamorphic process again and again.

As mentioned above, check the above for yourself to determine if it is true for you. :|

Penny Ballou :roll:

PS to the administrator: How am I to support my statements if allowed only 4 links? That stinks! My only solution it would appear is to create one email after another on a topic listing 4 links per email if needed to support my findings so readers can validate each for themselves.

Re: Invention resource international!!!

Postby Marineoohrah » Fri May 21, 2010 3:42 pm

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Well I have actually used them for a Safety Product, but of course I Entered into agreement with them and they know we have Legal Counsel on our side. They did charge the $895 for the general research and did supply a large Business plan. I did notice that a lot of the initial data in the plan is typical however a lot was properly reported. We conducted a seperate market research on a GRAND scale and found the listed findings by them were pretty accurate within marginal correction.

We are so far 1 year and 1 month into the program and so far they have been very legit. They have produced the following so far all proper protection methods have been applied and...the following have been conducted
1. Product Graphic
2. Virtual Prototype
3. Marketing Report
4. Publicity Release
5. They have given me all proper notifications and and reports so far
6. Product Brochure
7. We have our Provisional Patent as of May 8th 2010.

I will say they have performed all things they have agreed to however I feel that the durations of time per category allowed could have been more prompt.

(I will test methods out and see if they work or not, even companies)

Now IRI did come from another company background. However I am in the understanding that certain parties have split due to recent history and IRI is actually trying to go Legit. I have conducted extensive research into findings about anything bad on them. So far their is only Ripoffreport.com as the current listings and that only had x2 and neither of the x2 were clients. So this is a hard thing to Justify as a creditable claim. They have been conducting work and contracting clients so their is action being done. So if any clients were truely unhappy I'm sure we would have seen or heard formal complaints online by now since they have been operating for 3 years and their contracts are for 2 years. So something must be going right.

In addition I did talk to my Licensing Agent and she did disclose information to me since I am a client and have Legal Counsel assisting in this product. They have contracted manufacturers and are currently waiting for the product production of recent inventions to start so they could literally put the claim to their name.

So far they have performed very Legit. Their actual 1-800 number does actually work but you need to know your extension. They do assign x3 contacts for you. Product Liason, Marketing, and Licensing Agent. all x3 extensions for me have worked. Most the time you leave a voicemail and they have actually called me back, Most the time within a few hours and every so often I will reach one of them directly when I am calling.

Now I am also in the understanding that a few scam companies were caught, and were forced to reform and re-organize. In the findings they had to create a Legit Operation to make up for the illegal operations or be forced into serious jail time for Corporate Fraud and committing Fraud to the general public. So it looks like IRI ownership parties have decided to split but a part of them stayed in the game and seem to want to do things Legit.

Keep in mind my company is a Federal Contractor and Developer. They knew this going in so they know what kind of beast they are currently representing. If they are truely scamming I'm sure they would have given some excuse to avoid respresenting us. Especially when the intended backing of a product is military based in mind and is desired by Federal Services.

Re: Invention resource international!!!

Postby PennyB » Fri May 21, 2010 5:53 pm

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Thanks for the update though no specifics were provided such as, who split and who stayed (as far as you know), that would be helpful for my records.

The itemized services you list are the same ones all invention companies offer so nothing new there. One presumes you've paid quite a sum for those promotional materials etc.

You DO NOT have a Provisional Patent. There is no such animal as a Provisional Patent. You may have a Provisional "APPLICATION" for patent on file. Write the word "gobble gobble" on a sheet of paper, fill out two patent office forms, include a check (cheque) or money order or credit card number in the amount of $110.00 to the above and anyone can acquire one. No one is turned down. The only "protection" it provides is a filing date. Big Deal!

A Non Disclosure/Non Compete Agreement could work as well. In fact, if one seeks to stall (delay) paying/filing a Non Provisional (the real deal) then that might be the only reason to waste money on a Provisional since protection is limited to merely a filing date - as it's not a patent and never will be one on its face.

Keeping one's eye on what the specific end result one expects and the reason some hire such companies versus being caught up in whether or not one received promotional materials, progress reports, phone calls and other time (contract) wasting minutiae in a timely manner - is nonsense.

On the other hand, I'm a tad confused why you would require services from any invention company when one has a licensing agent as you indicated you have. What's with that?

If the goal was for them to provide and sell inventory let us know when that occurs.
If it was to established a sales/marketing network let us know when that happens.
If it was to put together a sales rep network let us know when that happens.
If it was to sell one's patent (if you have or expect one) let us know when that happens.

In other words stay focused on the end result as the rest of the materials are just that - any graphic artist/print house can create and produce them.

Have fun!

Re: Invention resource international!!!

Postby Marineoohrah » Fri May 21, 2010 11:20 pm

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OH we are just running a single product through them. I had a friend that went through them and recently finished negotiating his license with a manufacturer. He was quite pleased but was stressed due to IRI peforming all their time allocated tasks towards the end of each step. He owns the patent on a sequence control box that is programmable via sound or visual effects. More of a cool at home effects product or commercial display. He ended up taking a trip to Chicago to meet up with the Manufacturer. I have not been advised on when production starts though so I can't say when.

He was quite thrilled and we have been friends for years. Usually I go through all my own processes for producing a product. However since he said he had luck and they were following through with him I gave them a chance and so far everything is good to go, again my only complaint is their production of each step of their claimed process. It's on time but at the end of each allocated period of time for each step. Which is a bummer.

I have x2 other products that are further along than the one from IRI. Since my business is going I haven't had the personal time to invest in the 3rd product so I am giving them a chance. Believe me if they flake or scam you will most definitely being hearing about it. But since they have been performing I personally can't complain.

In regards to which individual that is no longer in the partnership I am not sure. I was advised from my friend about this when I started looking into them. That was a while ago. I will have to email my buddy and ask him for the details on what happened.

I actually live in Arizona and suprisingly built that building they are using at Tempe Town Lake back in 2005-2006. I did pay a personal visit to their office on a complete random note and their was x3 personel working there. I guess I caught them at the right time. I remember one of them was putting together their (TYPICAL) business plan with some other items. I did on the other hand learn a few things in regards to how they are actually operating.
I can say that I did see manufacturer inquiries on site and some back and forth info about some Manufacturer Trade shows that they attended (Back when I visited their office) last year. This is just personal observation though

I will put those details with the identification of the partners info on a seperate response for you here once I get the details back.

In regards to the itemized list, eh it's a process that I must admit for a business to take that long to do I am not impressed. On the other x2 products I finished all processes and patent filings within 4-5 months. Though x1 of the 2 has been 6 years in development due to it's Federal Backing.

I am a firm believer in sometimes the odd items somehow make it when the true hard worked items that can truely benefit us and the inventor never see the light of day.

Guess we will know soon enough about IRI process from x2 clients. I know my buddy is happy because he already contracted his licensing arrangement, but production hasn't happened yet. The 2nd being my smaller Safety product. So you will either here a successful praise with a detail duration and processes that take place............ or a real nasty notice from me in regards to IRI. I would be more than pleased to send you all Legal Details from our recordings if they truely turn out to be scammers.

Re: Invention resource international!!!

Postby PennyB » Sat May 22, 2010 11:02 am

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Morning Marineoohrah,

I would like to make a note re usage of the term "scammer." I never use it though I may have in the past but I've grown wiser (welcome to the world of legal threats, Cease and Desists Orders, and feeling one has become lawsuit central.

My focus is questioning whether clients of these companies received (a) value for dollar spent (b) received what they bargained for [in the case of invention submission companies a client bargains for nothing since their contracts are on a take it or leave it basis whereas, (c) one bargains with phone sales clerks who promise this-and-that -----which is not relevant.

Therefore, a compare/contrast of services physically received such as: promotional materials, prototypes, engineering drawings, having a legal eagle write/file a "real" patent (not a Provisional application or Design patent application when one thought a Utility was to be applied for), web sites, etc can all be validated in terms of pricing comparisons from others in order to know whether one was stung or not.

In fourteen years I've not seen "specific" marketing materials in such materials as language is broadly written so everything and anything can fall through the cracks and not be actionable if one did not receive what one thought one had bargained for or was promised to one.

As to manufacturers, they are all not cut from the same cloth. There's a huge difference between "Contract" manufacturers and potential licensee/distributor manufacturers. If one's contract does not stipulate which then it's usually welcome to the world of acquired for free off the web names of manufacturers listed on the free Thomas Register and other locations.

Anyway, my main point is to be cautious using the term "scammer" withouth physically evidence to support it or you may receive a package in the mail.

I want to gather from my archives a list of employees who worked for IRI so you can hopefully let me know who is there and who is not.

Have a nice day.

PS. Still can't make Smilies work.

Re: Invention resource international!!!

Postby Marineoohrah » Fri May 28, 2010 6:50 pm

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Hey PennyB

Sorry for the delay in response been working on site with one of my products and been pretty busy with it.

Like I said, we are pursuing multiple products at the same time and they're assisting with the 3rd. If something comes of it I will definately send you a direct message with the details. Though so far things are ok. If their process becomes hesitant or not existant. I will let you know or if they begin to show no action I will let you know.

I have worked for major design and production companies before and know what they want and how they want it presented.

I am in negotiations with a manufacturer with one that I have worked for before. When I receive my Manufacturer Product Package from IRI I will know if they are full of BS directly at that point. Their are key elements that a manufacturer wants to see in a product which is basically describing a book literally.

Shouldn't be much longer with them on the product they are helping with. Sorry I can't be more descriptive.

Just out of inquiry PennyB, have you ever released a product?

Re: Invention resource international!!!

Postby 1stInvention » Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:15 pm

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I just completed the phase1 process with IRI. I'm really considering moving forward with phase 2. Phase 1 consisted of a patent search and data report (showing your possible competition), which costed $1,195. The data report was very thorough but some of it was basic information about patents and inventions. The patent search which included a many page data report took IRI about 2 months to complete and deliver.

Phase 2 consits of a product drawing, product brochure, virtual prototype, media publicity, internt publicity, tradeshow attendance w/your product info, provisional patent which is good for a year, and most importantly targeting relevant manufacturing companies on behalf of your product. For all the work that is involved in Phase 2, IRI charges $8,950. All together, to possible get your invention of the ground you will pay IRI a total of $10,145. If monthly payments are involved in your transaction expect to pay interest.

The marketing agent that was assigned to me seems very nice and honest, but I have to admit, I'm still a little skeptical to move forward. I don't like that you have to wait 6-9 months for them to do a virtual prototype drawing of your product before they even start contacting manufacturers. It's actually a little bit more than a virtual protype that takes 6 months. They do a virtual protype, make product brochures, internet and media publicity.

I asked my agent how many clients have actually received royalties from their invention within the last year. I was told out of 600 people 8 have received royalties. But, that doesn't include the number of inventions that are currently pending for manufacturer acceptance.

Overall, IRI seems honest so far. I just don't understand why they charge $8,950 for phase 2. However, other manufacturing companies probably charge the same amount. What I do like about IRI, my agent stated they have thousands of manufacturing companies already in their database. Which prevents long wait time for a response regarding your product acceptance from that manufacturer. All I care about is results, hopefully they do exactly what they say their going to do, if so, it is a formula for possible success.

Re: Invention resource international!!!

Postby 1stInvention » Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:36 pm

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With a lot of thought and loss of sleep I've decided to not move forward with Invention Resource International. Here's why. When I had my second consultation after my patent search came back, I was told that phase 2 costs $8,950 and it doesn't even include a utility patent just a provisional patent that only last a year. I was told by IRI that after the year expires and a manufacturing company hasn't shown interest in my invention that I'm more than welcome to pay for a utility patent myself for about $1,800. Keep in mind they charge $1,195 for the patent search, $8,950 for virtual prototype,media publicity, and market research that's a total of $10,145, and I cant even get a utility patent just a "your more than welcome to get it yourself". I don't like that IRI doesn't put the effort in filing for a patent for their clients as if its unnecessary just because a manufacturer doesn't license it within your 2 year contract with IRI.
When I told the marketing agent from IRI that I would not go forward with their services at this time, I was told, "Good luck, and it will take you a long time to even get a response." That good luck I was given was not genuine at all. It felt more like discouragement.
Lastly, I just couldn't absorb why they charge so much. I felt like I was paying someone's monthly salary. I asked if I hire a graphic designer to do a professional drawing and virtual prototype would they just be willing to do the marketing and locate the appropriate manufacturers to get my invention off the ground. I was told yes, but the price of $8,950 remains the same. I wish the price of $8,950 was broken down in the first consultation. I was told it included a patent but I wasn't told it was a provisional patent that's only good for a year. Nor, was I told that if I make payments there would be a finance charge of 18% interest. All this info would of been really great if it was disclosed in the first consultation. I just didn't have the confidence that IRI would really locate manufacturing companies on my behalf even after paying $10,175. If something changes in my invention journey I will post.