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inventor in need of investor

Postby mackengift » Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:03 am

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am an inventor whom have an idea and have done pre-development with a company already.
i need an investor who will fund in either partnership or as an investor for my idea, if interested mail me on my email(mackenlyrics@yahoo.com) for full details of my project

Re: inventor in need of investor

Postby Roger Brown » Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:38 am

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Roger Brown
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Some questions you should answer up front are:

1. How much of an investment are you lokking for and what percenatge does the person get for that investment?

2. Do you have a business plan already written ready to be reviewed spelling out your use of the investment, method of getting the product to market, current state of your product, the market share you are targeting and how you arrived at these figures/conclusions?

3. How is your product better than what is out there and who are your competitors and how will you be better than them at gaining your market share.

4. What is your PR/media strategy?

One of the first questions I have when I see someone asking for people to invest on these forums is "Have you even considered who you are targeting?" My reason for that question is that you are asking people on this forum for investment money. If you took the time to read most of the posts here you would see that everyone here is trying to get their product to market and asking questions on how to do it. You don't see posts from people wanting to invest in any of their products. You see people discussing the hurdles they are facing and looking for solutions. A large majority of them are in debt already on their own product or looking for a cheaper way to reach the goal line. Based on that analysis do you think this is a good place to hunt for investors? You need to target angel investor sites like this one http://www.inc.com/articles/2001/09/23461.html
You are wasting your time asking others in your same boat. You also need to understand that investors do it to make a profit and expect a return on their investment. You can start out the majority stakeholder and end up the minority stakeholder really quick as they widdle away at your share percentage.
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